Beauty as it beckons...

Stones, one of the god's gift to manking is found in different colour and tones. To rekindle it and make it worth for us to use its beauty. We at Maheshwary Marbles started one of the biggest natural stones stockyard in India in the year 1978. As a dynamic and spirited organisation with a talented procurement force, we offer a wide range if marbles, granites and other stones from all over the world.

With our flagship yard in Coimbatore stocking over 400 varieties of stones, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier in a global market. As part of the next growth cycle, MM is exploring mining opportunities globally to further enhance the quality of products sold through its yard. The continues trust of architects, builders, various institutional buyers and customers has made us a leader in the natural stones space.

Today, as we complete 35 years as a full fledged natural stones company, we renew our commitment to deliver the best stone surfaces from around the globe,literally putting "The World at your feet"

"There is something about stone that calls forth the desire to touch it and to shape it with our desires and emotions,"